Park District Tax Levy


With the annual tax levy having to be adopted in December, the Kingsbury Park District board members decided that it would not exceed five percent over what was extended this past year.

Five percent would represent an increase of about $16,000.

The board passed a motion that the levy would not be more than $336,082.03 so a truth in taxation hearing would not have to be held. Approving the motion were Scott Crothers, Barb Smith and Jose Lirios. Absent were Anthony Macon and Tommy Simpson.

The board entered into a one-year lease with DGKW Enterprises to continue use of the building at 630 West Route 40 for an office and meeting room.

The rent will be $1,200 a month. Under the old lease, the park district had been paying $4,000 a year. DGKW became owner of the building during the park district’s first lease.

The district will continue its property and liability insurance coverage with the IPARKS self-insurance pool.

The new premium is $27,910 which is an increase of $513.

The health insurance policy for the district’s two full-time employees was approved. Jerry Sauerwein, park district director, said a new plan, still furnished by Coventry, has a premium 6.9 percent lower than this past year, but has a $1,000 deductible.

Board members voted to cover the deductible for employees.

Sauerwein reported the sidewalk has been completed by the City of Greenville at the Jaycee playing fields. He said some slope work still needs to be done.

Two park district board positions will be filled by voters in the spring election. The terms of Crothers and Macon are ending. Voters will elect persons to four-year terms.

Candidates will file petitions from December 12 through the 19. The consolidated election is April 4.

More information about the park district election can be obtained by calling the office at 664-4969.

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