Pawprint Ministries

Ron Stephens, Eli, and Jennifer Dahn

Pawprint Ministries was created in April of 2014 to provide comfort and support dogs to veterans and others in need.

The dogs and their handlers visit cities and meet with people.

Jennifer Dahn, of Decatur, is the coordinator of Pawprint Ministries and was in Greenville this week with support dog Eli.

Ron Stephens, a veteran, accompanied Jennifer and Eli, during the local visit.

A collection can, to benefit the program, is located at Watson’s Drug Store in Greenville.

Dahn said the money raised in this campaign will be used to fully fund two comfort dogs to be placed with veterans in Illinois. The veterans will train with the puppies. The puppies will then be taken out into the community to support other veterans.

Eli is one of the dogs who meets with veterans. Dahn said she’s been blessed to travel the country with Eli to thank men and women for their service to their country.

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Dahn said there are many people who need the comfort provided by Pawprint Ministries dogs. There are 15 comfort dogs in Illinois and two out of state and they are all kept very busy.

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The collection cans will be out through Veterans Day, November 11. Donations are tax deductible and more information is available on the Pawprint Ministries website.

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