Reitz On Bond County Election

Tuesday’s general election didn’t have the voter turnout that County Clerk Randy Reitz expected for a presidential election. He said early voting and grace voting were the highest totals ever. He expected a high turnout, but only saw about 60.8%.

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Reitz mentioned those who voted before Election Day. There were 1,344 early voters plus 271 who voted absentee.

The county clerk’s office was busy Tuesday as 64 individuals visited the office, registered and cast their ballots. That is known as grace voting. Overall for the election, 187 persons voted using the grace option.

There were 12,550 residents who were registered to vote in the general election. That’s a record for Bond County.

County Clerk Reitz praised his election judges and said the election went well.

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The precinct with the largest voter turnout was Tamalco 1 with 73.5 percent and the lowest turnout was 49.3 percent in Central 5.

The polls closed Tuesday at 7 p.m. and the ballots were counted in about two hours.

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