Surrounding County Election Results


Voter turnout was fairly high in surrounding counties. Fayette County reported 71% turnout, while 69% of Clinton County voters headed to the polls. In Montgomery County, turnout reached 73%. Totals were not available for Madison County turnout as of news time.

Fayette County voters supported Donald Trump for President and Mark Kirk for the US Senate. The constitutional amendment was approved by 69% of voters in Fayette County. Fayette County voters chose to re-elect Leslie Munger as Illinois Comptroller. In county races, voters chose Republican Kathy Emerick as Fayette County Circuit Clerk, over Democrat Ashley Towler. Emerick received 57% of the vote. Fayette County State’s Attorney Joshua C. Morrison was reelected with 51% of the vote, over Democratic challenger Stephen Friedel. In the race for coroner, incumbent Republican Bruce Bowen received 72% of the vote while challenger, Democrat Lori Carter, received 25%.

In Clinton County, Donald Trump took the majority of votes for the presidency while Mark Kirk received majority vote for US Senate. The constitutional amendment was approved with 68% of the Clinton County vote. Leslie Munger was favored for Comptroller by Clinton County voters. In county races, the only contested race in Clinton County was for State’s Attorney. Republican incumbent John Hudspeth received 60% of the vote, over Janice Pulver-Lewis’s 36%. 67% of Clinton County voters voted in favor of incorporating the community of St. Rose as a village.

In Montgomery County, voters chose Trump for president and Mark Kirk for US Senate. The constitutional amendment was approved by 74% of the vote. Montgomery County voters preferred Leslie Munger for comptroller. Republican incumbent Rodney Davis received 71% of the votes in Montgomery County. In a tight race, the office of Montgomery County State’s Attorney will go to incumbent Democrat Chris Matoush. His 6,325 votes defeated the 6,204 votes received by Republican Erik Hyam. Republican Mark Leetham won the coroner’s race in Montgomery County, with 57% of the vote, over the 43% received by Barbara A. Schmedeke.

Madison County voters chose Trump for president and Tammy Duckworth for US Senator. The constitutional amendment was approved by Madison County voters. Leslie Munger was the choice of Madison County voters for comptroller. In the race for the 13th congressional district, Rodney Davis defeated challenger Mark Wicklund. For the office of State’s Attorney, Democrat incumbent Tom Gibbons will retain that seat, defeating Republican challenger Ronald Williams. In Madison County referenda, the tax rate question, which lowers the maximum tax rate, was approved by a vote of 96,300 “yes” to 25,469 “no”. Madison County voters also overwhelmingly voted in favor of the educational funding advisory, requiring the state to meet its constitutional responsibility to provide the primary funding for the public school system, combined with a permanent reduction in property taxes for Madison County taxpayers.

Both Madison and Clinton County voters weighed in on whether or not to increase the tax rate for educational purposes in Aviston Elementary School District No. 21. In Madison County, 6 voters cast “no” ballots while 2 “yes” votes were received. In Clinton County, 677 voted “yes” while 679 voted “no”. The increase will not pass.

All vote totals are unofficial until they have been canvased.

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