Unit 2 Negotiations

At the recent Bond County Unit 2 board meeting, Board President Edmar Schreiber addressed the current negotiations for a teacher’s contract.

One item of dispute has been the board’s proposal to exclude current language which provides that new teachers be placed on the salary schedule based on their years of previous teaching experience.

The teacher association claims eliminating this would be illegal.

Schreiber, who is on the board’s negotiating committee, said that proposed change has been removed from the district’s latest offer.

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The point four percent mentioned by Schreiber would be the amount that could be moved from what the district contributes to the teachers’ retirement to their paychecks.

With many Unit 2 teachers attending the meeting, local resident and business woman Michelle Sauerwein addressed the school board and questioned why the board thought teachers would become part of the community and remain loyal to the district when they are consistently being paid less than their counterparts in other communities.

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The offers by the teachers and the school district can be seen online at www.Illinois.gov/elrb under “public posting offer”.

Another negotiation session between the two parties with the federal mediator is being planned in December.

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