Unit 2 Negotiations

In Monday’s WGEL news, there was a report about the second of two offers that have been presented by the school board in Unit 2 teacher negotiations.

The first proposal is still being offered by the board. Board President Edmar Schreiber said it is a two-year proposal with a .4 percent salary increase, which is the amount allowed to be transferred from the district’s teacher retirement contribution.

The proposal includes unlimited education lane movement the first year and one vertical step on the salary schedule for experience in the first year of the contract and one education lane step and one experience step in the second year.

This first proposal includes elimination of the language allowing previous public school teaching experience to be credited on the salary schedule for a new employee. All incoming teachers would get up to seven years maximum unless they are in a high-demand area, then up to 12 years.

The Greenville Education Association, the teacher’s union, claims that eliminating the language regarding new hires would be illegal.

GEA has proposed some minor changes in sick and personal leave which would allow staff to use some time to attend children’s’ college visits, graduation and state student competition.

Regarding salary this year, the GEA wants teachers to be properly placed on the educational lane matching their educational achievement, increase the salary schedule by one percent, and grant each teacher an experience step for last year’s service.

For the 2017-18 school year, the teachers propose no increase in the salary schedule and to place teachers on their proper experience step.

According to the GEA, the first year of its proposal would cost the district $230,000 and the second year $210,000.

Offers by both parties can be seen on line at www.Illinois.gov/elrb under “public posting offer.”

School board and GEA negotiation committees are scheduled to meet for the third time with a federal mediator on December 14.

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