BNB Anniversary

2017 will be an important and exciting year for Bradford National Bank.

The bank will be celebrating its 150th anniversary next year.

Randy Alderman, vice president of community relations, said the business has a long history. The bank was founded in 1867 by James Bradford and operated as Bradford & Sons for many years. It received its national charter and became Bradford National Bank in 1910.

Many activities are planned for the coming year at each of the bank’s locations in Greenville, Highland, and Marine. A special event is being planned for the Labor Day weekend in Greenville.

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Alderman said the anniversary will also be included in the scholarships to be given to high school senior students. The scholarships are given every year to selected Greenville, Mulberry Grove, Highland, and Triad High School students. The amount is normally $1,000, but this year they’ve increased the scholarships to $1,150.

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Bradford Bank expanded to Marine in 1998 and to Highland in 2002.

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