City Gaming

Interest in gaming in the City of Greenville has reached a high level, at least by those wanting to provide it.

The topic was discussed by the city council at its December meeting.

City Manager Dave Willey said four different entities have expressed an interest in opening a gaming operation. Tobacco Unlimited is the only existing Greenville business with interest. One is new to gaming. The others currently operate gaming locations in Vandalia, Hillsboro, and Gillespie.

Willey said the council’s discussion centered around how much gaming the city of Greenville can support and where gaming should take place. All current proposals are on the Rt. 127 corridor, somewhere between the interstate and Motomart.

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State law requires that a gaming operator have a liquor-by-the-drink license from the local authority.

Willey said the city plans to address that issue. He has been asked to prepare a new liquor control ordinance that has a permit available for the type of operations in question.

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The city receives about $3,000 per month as its share of the gaming revenue from the five licensed venues in Greenville. They includes Love’s, Willie’s Place, the VFW, Kahuna’s Burgers and More, and Greenville Bowl.

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