Humane Society Grant

The Bond County Humane Society has been awarded a $10,000 grant from the Petfinder Foundation.

Rachel Hundsdorfer, president of the society, said the grant, plus a recent private donation of $4,500, will be used to complete more of their new building on South Elm Street. Officials would like to be able to insulate the building soon, but even with the grant and donation, they are about $9,000 short of the amount needed.

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Hundsdorfer said more money is needed for the new building to be completed.

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The public can help with the building by participating in the humane society’s fundraising brick program. Two sizes of bricks are available and they can be purchased to honor or memorialize a loved one or pet. 4”X8” bricks are $75. 8”X8” bricks are $150. Proceeds will directly benefit the building fund.

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The bricks will be placed outside the dog and cat shelters on South Elm Street in Greenville.

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