New Laws


With 2017 came 191 new laws in Illinois.

Among them is a law requiring that students taking driver’s education courses be educated on the procedures to follow during a traffic stop by police.

The lesson will include the need to remain calm and keep one’s hands in view at all times. It will also educate students regarding their rights in the presence of law enforcement officers.

Another new law requires that drivers make room for disabled vehicles. On a highway with four or more lanes, two of which are moving in the same direction, drivers approaching a disabled vehicle, which has its hazard lights on, must move into a lane not adjacent to the disabled vehicle, if it is safe to do so.

If it is not safe, the driver must reduce the speed of his or her vehicle.

The definition of vehicle endangerment has been expanded with a new law.

Existing state law allows the punishment of persons dropping objects onto vehicles from an overpass.

Now, the law includes objects dropped from hills, buildings and other starting points. The crime is a Class 2 felony.

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