BNSF Rail Program


The Burlington Northern-Santa Fe Railroad has designated Greenville’s Kelsey Business and Technology Park one of six sites in the country in its new Site Certification Program.

A few years ago, Greenville’s Wolf Business Park was included in a similar program by CSX. The two industrial parks are adjacent to each other on the east edge of Greenville.

Both programs promote the availability of business and industrial sites along their railways.

Greenville Economic Development Coordinator Bill Walker said the city is extremely pleased with the BNSF designation. He said it allows companies who may be in the market for a new location to know that Greenville is ready to go. He said the work on the project has been extensive.

Walker added that Greenville is the only location in the nation with both BNSF and CSX certifications.

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City Manager Dave Willey said the support of the railroad companies is a big advantage. He said Greenville will now have another set of marketing people promoting our site to the world.

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Walker said Greenville is fortunate to have the two major railroads in addition to Interstate 70 to transport items manufactured or distributed here.

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