Additional Unit 2 Personnel Action

Hirings and resignations were part of the actions taken by the Bond County Community Unit 2 school board this week.

The board accepted the resignations of high school teachers Austin and Juli Kastl, and Jessica Rinderer, effective the end of this school year.

For the remainder of the school term, Kathy Franklin is a three hours per day food service employee at the Greenville Elementary School, Christine Kious, a two-and-a-half hours per day food service employee at GES, and Jennifer Campbell a five hours per day food service employee through the PFAE grant.

Anne Burton was approved as assistant golf coach at the high school next season, and Keegan Nesch was hired as assistant high school boys’ soccer coach for the fall.

The board approved Ivan Estevez and Aristede Ephron as volunteer high school softball coaches.

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