Man Rescued From Well

A man was safely rescued Saturday morning from a well behind a house along Z & Z Road, west of Greenville and just south of Illinois Rt. 140.

WGEL learned at the scene that the man’s dog fell into the water well and he attempted to rescue the animal.
The man’s son was at the location and realized his father was stuck in the well. Greenville Fire District rescue squad members were contacted at 9:36 a.m. Saturday after the son made a 9-1-1 call. The son then lowered a rope in the well to his father.

Meanwhile, two paramedics from Bond County Emergency Medical Service arrived. They found the man in the well was climbing the rope and they were able to reach far enough to grab him by his suspenders and pull him out of the well. The dog was also rescued.

The man, now with wet clothes, was placed in the ambulance to warm up, and then he was taken by a family member to get checked by medical personnel.

A few firefighters arrived on the scene, but trucks and other firemen were cancelled when it was learned the man was safe.
One of the firemen at the scene, said he believed the well was at least 20 feet deep.

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