Several Topics For Plan Commission

The Greenville Plan Commission met Monday night and addressed several items pertaining to the Unified Development Code.

All items passed by the commission must be considered by the city council for its approval.

The commission suggests that a section be added to the UDC, allowing persons to live in recreational vehicles at mobile home parks. It was reported this is allowed by state law.

The proposal is that the RV user would have to pay for a permit from the city, which would be good for one year, but renewable.

As the commission discussed the topic, the conversation turned to persons who visit family members in Greenville, and arrive in an RV. The commission members agreed they would like to allow these individuals to use the RV during the visit, but not allow anyone to permanently live in it.

A motion regarding this was approved on a 5 to 0 vote.

The other public hearing during the meeting involved permitted and not permitted uses in the categories of beer, wine and liquor stores; convenience stores, gas stations, car washes, bowling, billiard, pool and similar establishments, and tobacco establishments.

In the downtown zone, the commission was against allowing beer, wine and liquor stores or car washes, in the downtown zone, and favored changing convenience stores and bowling, billiards and pool establishments, in the downtown zone, to a conditional use. Car washes would be permitted in all commercial zones.

A new section to cover tobacco establishments was suggested to be added to the UDC. The proposal is they not be allowed in the downtown, office or industrial heavy zones, be permitted in industrial light zones, and require conditional use permits in commercial zones.

At the suggestion of Judy Cox, the motion to approve the changes included a proposal to require a conditional use permit be sought to place a beer, wine or liquor store establishment in a commercial general zone. The original proposal had been to make it a permitted use.

The motion passed on a 3 to 2 vote with Cox, Jack Chism and Scott Spencer in favor; and Brad Turner and Chance Vohlken voting no.

As mentioned earlier, all motions go to the city council.

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