Special Prosecutor In Arter Case

Jacob Arter

A special prosecutor has been appointed in the death of 18-year-old Jacob Arter of Breese.

Clinton County State’s Attorney John Hudspeth reported he is related to the family of a juvenile suspect now in custody in the investigation. He added he has had a close relationship for decades with many members of the suspect’s family.

The Clinton County State’s attorney said, in order to avoid any claim of error, which might result from a conflict of interests and to avoid the appearance of impropriety, he asked the court to appoint a special prosecutor.

The court granted Hudspeth’s request and appointed someone from the Illinois State’s Attorney’s Appellate Prosecutor’s office.

Hudspeth said the special prosecutor will now provide support, make charging decisions, and appear in court for the state in this case.

Arter, on early Sunday morning, died from injuries received when he was allegedly battered at a private clubhouse in rural Clinton County.

The incident remains under investigation and State’s Attorney Hudspeth urges anyone with information about it to contact the Clinton County Sheriff’s Department at 594-4555. He said the sheriff will then share information with the special prosecutor.

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