BCHD Considering Levy Increase

In their recent meeting, Sean Eifert, administrator of the Bond County Health Department, told the Bond County Board that funding from the State of Illinois continues to be a major problem. To alleviate some of the difficulties caused by the budget issues, he said the board may want to consider an increase in their tax levy.

Eifert told WGEL local health departments throughout Illinois have seen a decrease in funding for their programs and the state has either slowed or completely halted their payments for those programs. In past years, the Bond County Health Department has had adequate cash reserves, but the organization is nearing a point where the board could see that is no longer the case.

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The tax levy in question was approved by voters several years ago and would not require another vote; the board of health could simply request the action by the county board.

Eifert said voters approved a referendum in 1975 that allowed the county board to levy .1 percent of the total assessed valuation of Bond County for public and mental health services. Since that time, the Board of Health has gone back to the county board and reduced the amount levied due to their solid finances.

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Eifert said the Health Department is currently using about 60% of the possible levy. If the levy is increased to the maximum funding level, it would amount to about $213,000 in funding for the Health Department and an increase of about $4 per $10,000 in property tax assessment for the average tax payer.

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