Council Tourism Christmas

On a split vote, the Greenville City Council approved tourism funds for a Christmas program being planned by the Chamber of Commerce.

Voting in favor of giving the Chamber up to $14,000 were Mayor Alan Gaffner and Councilmen Mike Heath and Kyle Littlefield. Voting no were Councilmen Jes Adam and John Gillard.

Plans are to bring to Greenville four actors who were in the 1983 movie “A Christmas Story.” The money will be used for celebrity appearance fees, expenses and air fare.

The movie will be shown, with the actors in attendance, during the annual “Come Home For Christmas” event on Saturday, November 25. A parade will also be held that day.

Gillard and Adam stated they were not in favor of investing $14,000 for the event. Gillard said the car show request for celebrity costs began at $5,000 and increased when the show proved to be successful.

Heath said while $14,000 is a lot, he thinks it is a unique idea, and if the tourism committee and Chamber of Commerce believe its good, he’s willing to try it.

Littlefield commented there are many summer events in the city and this one is during the winter season. Mayor Gaffner said he believes the celebrities will be a big draw.

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