GES Departmentalization & Grading Scale


Beginning next school year, departmentalization of the fourth and fifth grades will occur at the Greenville Elementary School.

Students will begin the school day in their home rooms, then four, 45-minute classes will be scheduled throughout the day in reading/language arts, Math, science and social studies.

Students will rotate from room to room for instruction with various teachers, based on the subject.

Superintendent Wes Olson said the change is not uncommon, especially for upper-elementary grades. He said it is often part of the efforts to prepare students for the junior high level.

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Also next school year, the grading scale used in grades two through eight will be different. The school board approved it this month, putting on hold a change at the high school level until more study could be done.

The district has been using an eight-point scale. The new one will be a 10-point scale with 90 to 100 percent being an A.

Superintendent Olson said it is the most commonly used grade scale and one which the vast majority of people are familiar with.

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The high school 10-point grading scale will probably be presented to the board next month. It is believed the 10-point scale would help high school students be more competitive in earning scholarships and financial aid for college.

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