New First Christian Preacher

Tyson & Tiffany Graber and family

It has been announced the new preacher at the Greenville First Christian Church will be Tyson Graber, who has ministered the past 15 years at the Herscher Christian Church in Herscher, Illinois, near Kankakee.

He will succeed Darryl Bolen, who is retiring. Bolen has been with Greenville First Christian for nearly 44 years and has been its senior minister for 40 years.

Graber and his wife Tiffany have five children, four sons and a daughter adopted from China. They will meet the Greenville congregation the first weekend of June.

Pastor Graber, age 40, will officially begin at Greenville First Christian the end of July.

Bolen’s time at the church will conclude the end of June. He and his wife, Sally, plan to move to St. Charles, Missouri.

SOURCEPhoto courtesy of the Greenville First Christian Church
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