Ordinance Violations


The Greenville City Council has shortened the time residents have, after receiving a notice, to move derelict vehicles and mow tall grass and weeds.

The code had allowed 30 days after notice to remove a vehicle if it is unlicensed and inoperable. These vehicles are allowed if they are enclosed and out of public view.

City Manager Dave Willey recommended changing the time period to seven days.

Councilman Jes Adam suggested 15 days and that was unanimously approved by the council.

Willey addressed the need for a shorter time span. He said 30 days is too long for junk cars to sit around. He said in almost all cases, the issues are brought to people’s attention long before notices go out. The notice is the final step to enforcement.

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Those people who violate the ordinance regarding tall grass and weeds have had 10 days in the past, after receiving official notice, to mow them.

The council changed the waiting period, after which legal action can be taken, from 10 to seven days.

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