Plan Commission Approves Four Requests

The Greenville Plan Commission met Monday night and approved four requests.

The Simple Room asked that three parcels, in the 400 block of Franklin Avenue, be re-zoned from neighborhood urban to commercial general.

The organization also asked that an alley, running north to south between Franklin Avenue and Willard Street, be vacated.

Plan commission members voted 4 to 0 to make a recommendation to the city council that the requests be granted.

It was reported plans are to demolish the three buildings in the block that are owned by the Simple Room and construct a larger building to house it.

One woman who lives near the Simple Room voiced complaints about the youths who go there, alleging some had damaged her property. Another neighbor voiced similar concerns.

Questions were raised by commission members and others in the audience if the damage was actually done by those who visit the Simple Room.

Simple Room representatives indicated they wanted to reach out to the neighbors and discuss any issues.

The Simple Room offers Christian-centered programming to young people for spiritual, physical, mental and social development.

In other action, a request from Mark and Judy Brooke, to vacate an unimproved alley running west to east, between Hena and Dewey streets, south of Main Avenue, was approved and passed on to the council. The Brooke’s have plans to build a deck.

In addition, the city plans to vacate another unimproved alley, running west to east, between Hena and Dewey Street. The alleys are near each other.

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