Bolens Honored

During a public reception Sunday afternoon, Darryl and Sally Bolen were honored by Greenville Mayor Alan Gaffner.

The Bolens are retiring from their ministry at Greenville First Christian Church after nearly 44 years there.

After commenting admirably about Sally’s work with the church and community, Mayor Gaffner spoke about Darryl, presenting him a proclamation and key to the city. (The text of the proclamation follows this story)

In addition, the mayor gave him two special honors. For the first time in the city’s history, a week has been named in honor of an individual. This week is Darryl Bolen Week.

The other first involves a street.

Mayor Gaffner said the designation of the street carrying the name of a citizen is a first for Greenville. Second Street, from the intersection of Beaumont Avenue and Oak Street to Harris Avenue will be known as Darryl Bolen Way. The legal address for those who live on those blocks will not change.

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The mayor said Second Street was selected because it’s in the heart of Greenville and Darryl’s work over the past 40 years has been at the heart of the community.

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June 25 will be the Bolen’s last Sunday at First Christian Church. They plan to move to St. Charles, Missouri.

Mayor Gaffner’s proclamation:


Darryl Bolen Week and Darryl Bolen Way

WHEREAS, Darryl Bolen has served the Greenville First Christian Church in Greenville for 44 years; and

WHEREAS, his tenure at the church began in 1973 as Youth Pastor, he became full – time Youth Pastor and Associate Pastor in 1975, and was appointed Senior Pastor in 1977 at the age of 24; and

WHEREAS, Darryl Bolen has presented over 2,415 sermons, performed countless baptisms and hospital visits, and conducted more that 1,400 funeral services and 1,000 weddings; and

WHEREAS, during his leadership, the church has experienced significant growth in membership and ministry including three worship services each weekend, children’s church, and Day Care for children; and

WHEREAS, a sanctuary balcony, sanctuary expansion, Family Life Center, children’s wing, and a recent major church remodeling project represent facility enhancements; and

WHEREAS, the church is debt – free for capital projects; and

WHEREAS, Senior Pastor Bolen has followed the Biblical call to demonstrate compassion and assist others through extensive and generous community service; and

WHEREAS, he has provided leadership for numerous local organizations such as the Bond County Health Department Board of Directors, the Bond County Senior Citizens Center, the Greenville Federal Correctional Institution Community Relations Board, and the Bond County Ministerial Alliance; and

WHEREAS, Darryl Bolen accepted the position as Chairman of the American Cancer Society Bond County Relay For Life and Bike – A – Thon; and

WHEREAS, his leadership skills and contributions to community quality of life were recognized by the Greenville Chamber of Commerce Gerald Turley Award, the Hearts So Big Award conferred by United States Attorney General Eric Holder, the Illinois Lincoln Legends Award, and the Lincoln Christian College Alumni Restoration Award; and

WHEREAS, beyond the local level, Senior Pastor Bolen has had a national impact conducting revivals, serving his denomination, and is in demand as a motivational speaker; and

WHEREAS, his life has clearly demonstrated his passion for others to experience a personal relationship with Christ; and

WHEREAS, Darryl Bolen is not only regarded as the “Community Pastor”, but the “County Pastor” providing the comfort, presence, strength, forgiveness, healing, and wisdom of the Lord during the joys and challenges of life to those who may not have a church home; and

WHEREAS, he is a husband, father, grandfather, man of God, beloved pastor, mentor, role model, and servant leader who has left an eternal impact on Greenville and Bond County;

NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved that I, Alan Gaffner, Mayor of the City of Greenville, respectively urge the residents of the community to offer their gratitude and appreciation to Senior Pastor, Darryl Bolen, and do hereby proclaim

Sunday, June 11 through Saturday, June 17 as Darryl Bolen Week,

and proclaim Second Street between the intersection with Beaumont Avenue and Oak Street on the north, and Harris Avenue on the south, to be known in his honor as

Darryl Bolen Way,

and urge all residents of the community to offer and express their gratitude and appreciation for his life of invaluable service.

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