CEO Program Launch


Students and their parents kicked off their journey as the inaugural Bond County CEO class Tuesday as they participated in the student/parent orientation night.

The class is made up of 12 students, eight from Greenville High School and four from Mulberry Grove High School.

Over the 2017-2018 school year, under the direction of facilitator Roger Sanders, the students will meet each morning for 90 minutes as part of their learning experience. The class, which equals 2 high school credits, utilizes area businesses as classrooms, visits dozens of area businesses, hosts 50-60 guest speakers each year and emphasizes 21st century learning skills.

Additionally, students are provided the opportunity to start their own business and a mentor from the Bond County business community. At the end of the school year, students host a trade show, showcasing their efforts during the school year in developing their business.

As part of the meeting on Tuesday evening, students visited the DeMoulin Museum.

The inaugural Bond County CEO class includes GHS seniors-to-be Lauren Meadows, Mason Schweppe, Kaitlynn Smith, Cody Gaffner, Tyler Bryant, Mara Caldieraro, Zachary Bohannon, Mackenzie Riggins; and MGHS seniors-to-be Jenna Koonce, Reauna Stiff, Jason Kennedy and Alyssa Dothager.

SOURCEPhoto courtesy of the Bond County CEO program
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