Corn Crop & Palmer Amaranth

With a great deal of rain in our area this spring, many farmers had to replant their corn crop.

According to Bond County Farm Bureau Manager Stephanie Kraus, the second planting is looking good.

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Kraus said there was more rainfall north of town so progress has been slower in that area than in the southern part of the county. She also noted that so far, the corn crop appears to be on track with the five-year average.

On another agriculture note, Kraus said Palmer amaranth has been a topic of discussion recently, as the weed is moving into the region. She said the weed started in the south and is moving north. It is an aggressive weed that moves quickly.

Click below to hear her comments:

Kraus said farmers with Palmer amaranth in their fields are urged to contact their crop specialist to develop a weed management plan.

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