Dairy Month


June is dairy month and the St. Louis Dairy Council is once again promoting the advantages of using dairy products.

Bond County dairy farmer Frank Doll is president of the St. Louis District Dairy Council and vice-president of Prairie Farms Dairy.

Doll said the dairy market is coming out of a time of low price and producers are hoping for an upswing in the fall. He said he makes about 16 cents per pound and he has to make 15 cents just to break even. Doll pointed out that the dairy industry is a global market and factors on the other side of the world have an impact in Bond County.

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Doll said there are about a dozen dairy farmers left in Bond County and Clinton County is the largest dairy county in the state. He said our area is very fortunate to have a great infrastructure, including veterinarians, milk haulers, and equipment dealers.

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Joyce Fikri from the Dairy Council and Doll will be guests on an upcoming WGEL Public Affairs program.

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