Drug Task Force Contribution


At the recent Bond County Board meeting, State’s Attorney Chris Bauer received permission to pay up to $25,000 from the Anti-Crime Drug Enforcement Account to continue having South Central Illinois Drug Task Force officers in the county.

The states attorney said money in the account comes from costs paid by convicted drug traffickers. He noted that recently a couple from out of state paid $40,000 to the account.

Bauer explained that a few years ago the sheriff’s department was required, due to budget constraints, to pull their officer from the South Central Illinois Drug Task Force. Bauer said the presence of the task force is a weapon we need in the community and a financial contribution was negotiated, paid to the task force in exchange for their continuation of operations in Bond County.

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According to the state’s attorney, felony drug cases and drug arrests have increased dramatically in Bond County due to the presence of undercover agents working in the county.

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The state’s attorney said several different illegal drugs are being used in Bond County.

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