Dwindling Recycling Options


Emily Hartmann of the Bond County Soil & Water Conservation District was at the Bond County Board meeting Tuesday night to discuss options for the county’s recycling program.

In recent weeks, Fayco, the organization that picks up recyclable materials from the recycling center on Rt. 40, said they will no longer be able to provide the service for free. The value of recyclables has dropped dramatically recently and the expenses associated with picking up those items often outweigh any income made from them.

Hartmann said she has looked into several options and no one is interested in taking over the pick-up service. Fayco will likely be the only option and officials have indicated they will have to charge the county approximately $90 per pickup. Hartmann said Fayco picks up materials at least once a week now, so the expense could total around $5,000 a year.

County board members expressed their desire to keep the recycling service available to county residents and said they will continue to explore options. Many counties in our area have scaled their recycling services back and some have eliminated theirs altogether.

In other action, the board approved the appointment of Adam Evans to the Bond County Housing Authority Board and approved liquor license renewals for Nuby’s Steakhouse, Kenny’s Lake Stop, the Family Vine, and the Greenville Country Club.

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