Enhanced BNB Parking


Bradford National Bank continues to make improvements to its facilities in Greenville to enhance customer convenience.

The latest improvement is the addition of new parking facilities in the front of the building, off of College Avenue.

In the past, customers with certain needs would have to walk to the front of the building to gain access to the main lobby. Now, with the addition of the parking facility in the front north side of the bank, customers can park their vehicle and have a straight shot into the building. The new parking facility is also large enough to accommodate the Bond County Transit bus and one other vehicle at the same time.

Bradford National Bank president Doug Stroud said, “We have been looking at several options to make it easier for customers with certain needs to have access to the lobby. The addition of parking off of College Avenue was the perfect solution.” He added, “With more and more people using the Bond County Transit bus, having a loading area that would accommodate those vehicles was important as well.”

SOURCEPhoto courtesy of Bradford National Bank
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