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Greenville University officials placing a time capsule in the base of the Hogue Memorial Tower

June 1, 2017 will go down in history as an important day for what we once knew as Greenville College.

Thursday marked the 125th anniversary of the institution and the day it’s new name, Greenville University, went into effect.

A large crowd of college faculty and staff and community members attended a reception to mark the occasion. Festivities took place on Hogue Lawn, formerly the site of Hogue Hall and soon to be the site of the Hogue Memorial Tower.

Local veterans provided a color guard for the ceremony; State Senator Kyle McCarter and State Representative John Cavaletto offered remarks; and Cavaletto and Greenville Mayor Alan Gaffner each read proclamations. The script of Mayor Gaffner’s proclamation follows below.

Mayor Gaffner noted Greenville College has been a big part of our community and local economy and said the presence of a University will further elevate the Greenville community in the eyes of the St. Louis market at well as industries seeking a new location.

Greenville University President Dr. Ivan Filby s pointed out that in recent years, Greenville College has added a school of business, a school of theology, and soon a school of engineering. He said the college has developed innovative curriculum that pairs knowledge with hands on experience and encourages life-long learning. The school has increasingly welcome international students to their campus.

He said it became clear over time that the title “University” more accurately reflects what the institution had already been doing. He said officials became convinced that Greenville College would more effectively extend its heritage and expand its reach if its name better matched its work.

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Filby said the university will honor its heritage and maintain its focus. “Even as we anticipate a global reach, we will continue our valuable partnership with the local community,” he said. “Even as our faculty members deliver instruction, we respect with grateful hearts on emeriti faculty and staff who cared for students during their own tenure. Even as we focus on students currently in the classroom, we maintain connections with our alumni; today’s students are tomorrow’s graduates. “

A time capsule full of milestones of the college’s 125 year history and commemorating this particular year was placed in the base of the Hogue Memorial Tower. Filby said that capsule will be opened in fifty years and he hopes the university, “will have grown and will still in its heart remain faithful to the call of Jesus Christ.”

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Following the birthday/name change ceremony, participants joined school officials for a prayer walk around campus, culminating with the dedication of a cross on campus, which was fashioned from timbers taken from the original Hogue Hall building.

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Local veterans present the color guard
Linda Myette, Greenville University Vice President for Development
Dr. Brian Hartley, Greenville University Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs; Interim Department Chair of Philosophy & Theology; Professor of Philosophy & Theology
Mayor Alan Gaffner
Mayor Alan Gaffner presents a copy of the City proclamation to Greenville University President Dr. Ivan Filby
A copy of Mayor Alan Gaffner’s proclamation. The script of the proclamation follows below…
Sen. Kyle McCarter
Rep. John Cavaletto
Greenville University President Dr. Ivan Filby
Greenville University officials placing a time capsule in the base of the Hogue Memorial Tower
The seal for the time capsule, placed in the base of Hogue Memorial Tower
An artist’s rendering of the Hogue Memorial Tower, currently under construction

The script from Mayor Alan Gaffner’s proclamation…


June 1, 2017



WHEREAS, the first convocation service for Greenville College took place at the Bond County courthouse on September 20, 1892; and

WHEREAS, for more than a century, the three themes of Christian higher education, spiritual formation, and community have remained central to the work and ministry of Greenville College; and

WHEREAS, the institution will celebrate its 125th anniversary on September 20, 2017; and

WHEREAS, Greenville College has a present enrollment of 1,309 students with the classifications of 1,104 undergraduate students, 205 graduate students, and 850 resident students; and

WHEREAS, over the past 10 years, Greenville College students represent 47 states, 30 countries, and 40 denominations; and

WHEREAS, Greenville College employs 303 individuals (164 full – time status, 66 part – time status, and approximately 129 adjunct status); and

Whereas, the presence of Greenville College in the community produces numerous benefits, that include a positive and priceless impact upon the local economy, as well as countless enhancements to the quality of life; and

WHEREAS, Approximately 20,000 Greenville College Alumni serve in professions around the world; and

WHEREAS, Greenville College is attaining University status on June 1, 2017; and

WHEREAS, on that date, Greenville College will officially become known as Greenville University; and

WHEREAS, the continuing mission of Greenville University is to empower students for lives of character and servant leadership;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Alan Gaffner, Mayor of the City of Greenville, do hereby proclaim Thursday, June 1, 2017 as:


in the City of Greenville, and do hereby urge and call upon all citizens, government agencies, business leaders, schools, organizations, public and private institutions, and churches to express gratitude for the presence of Greenville University within the community, recognize the value of Greenville University to the City, and reflect upon the historical significance of this day and the institution’s 125th year.

SOURCEPhotos courtesy of John Goldsmith, FNB
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