Local Connection To Paris Attack

A screenshot of a cell phone video shot by Rick Wiedenhoeft during the Paris attack standoff.

On Monday, June 5, an attack on a Paris police officer at Notre Dame resulted in a church full of tourist taking shelter in that famous Cathedral.

Former local residents Bob and Cathy Wiedenhoeft’s son, Rick, and his family were among the people in Notre Dame when that happened.

Bob said his son, Rick, and his family were at Notre Dame in Paris when the attacker hit a police officer in the head with a hammer. The attacker was shot and Notre Dame was locked down for thirty minutes. Visitors were then escorted out through paths that people don’t normally get to exit through.

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Rick Wiedenhoeft grew up in Greenville and attended Greenville High School.

A relieved Rick Wiedenhoeft family outside Notre Dame in Paris following last week’s attack.
SOURCEPhotos courtesy of Rick Wiedenhoeft
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