Local Connections To Virginia Shooting

The man, who allegedly fired at congressmen at a baseball practice Wednesday morning in Alexandria, Virginia, was a former Belleville resident.

He has been identified as 66-year-old James Hodgkinson. Reports indicate that Hodgkinson lived in Alexandria the past two months.

The shooter arrived at the baseball field and began firing at those practicing shortly after 7 a.m. eastern time.

Representative Steve Scalise of Louisiana was one of those shot.

Scalise, the Republican majority whip, had two Capitol Police officers with him as security and they returned fire once the shooting occurred.

Scalise was shot in the hip. Also shot were the two officers and a staff member for Representative Roger Williams of Texas.

Also shot was lobbyist Matt Mika, director of government relations for Tyson Foods.

The congressmen have been practicing in preparation for the annual charity baseball game. Illinois Congressmen Rodney Davis and John Shimkus are on the Republican roster.

Congressman Davis was at the practice, but was not injured.

Shimkus was not at the practice as he had a speaking engagement to attend.

Shimkus released the following statement this morning:

“My prayers are with my good friend and DC roommate, Steve Scalise, as well as the Capitol Police officers, Members, staff and all those affected by today’s shooting. While we don’t yet fully know the motive behind this shameful act of evil, there is no doubt the heroism of the Capitol Police saved lives this morning. I am deeply thankful for their bravery, and I hope for speedy recoveries for all those wounded in this cowardly assault.”

The alleged shooter, James Hodgkinson, was shot by one of the Capitol Hill officers during the exchange. He was taken to a hospital and later died.

Hodgkinson was well known to authorities, having a Facebook page filled with political comments.

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