Million Gallon Manure Operation

It may not be a topic we talk about very much, but manure is a fact of life for farmers. One local farmer has launched a unique operation that allows him to conveniently store and transport one million gallons of manure.

Frank Doll told us that he applied for a government grant for manure storage a few years ago. The grant allowed him to build a large concrete pond to store manure. The fertilizer is pumped a mile and a half away through a hose and knifed into a field. He said it’s a tremendous benefit to his farm as it saves time, fuel, and wear and tear on equipment.

Click below to hear his comments:

Doll said in addition to the benefits of not having farm equipment on the road and overall convenience, this method has several environmental benefits.

Knifing the manure directly into the ground eliminates the odor, allows the organic material to breakdown faster and 95-99% of the nutrients stay in the soil and don’t run off in the event of a heavy rain.

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