Park District Trails

At Monday night’s Kingsbury Park District board meeting, a lengthy discussion was held about the need for trails in and around Greenville.

Mike Heath, member of the Greenville City Council, asked if the district had any plans for walking and biking paths.

Heath told the park board members the city has discussed the topic several times, but has not taken any action. He believes the project would make Greenville more enticing.

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Park District Director Jerry Sauerwein said trails were included in the district’s 2008 long-range plan, but they are very expensive.

It was believed that the City of Greenville had some trail plans from the past. Heath said he was not aware of them, but he would look into it.

Park Board President Scott Crothers agreed with Heath that trails would be a good addition. He said the project would have to be a collaboration between the district and the city.

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Everyone agreed a trail project would take a long time to accomplish. Board Member Louanne Theis suggested that trails could possibly be done in phases.

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