4-H Livestock Show Results

Ethan Hanke exhibited the 4-H Champion Steer at the 4-H Beef Show

Clinton County 4-H members with livestock and small animal projects gathered during the Clinton County Fair to exhibit their animals. Exhibitors worked hard to show their animals and take care of them during the hot weather.

Shana Lueking was the Champion Senior Showman at the 4-H Dairy Show
Nick Huelsman’s steer won 4-H Rate of Gain Champion for 2017
4-H Rabbit Champion Showmen included Nick Huelsmann, Bradley Huelsmann and Shelby Claypool.
Kaelyn Gebke with her Champion poultry entry and John Bohn with the Reserve Champion from the 4-H Poultry Show
Erica Bohn’s entry was named Champion 4-H Market Gilt
Ella Bohn (left) and Emma Bohn (right) were the champion Junior and Senior Showmen at the 4-H Sheep Show
Drew Lueking was named the Champion Junior Showman for 4-H Dairy
Caiden Litteken won Champion Junior Showman at the 4-H Swine Show

4-H Beef Show

Lauren Wolter, Sr Showmanship
Blake Twenhafel, Intermediate Showmanship
Evan Beal, Jr Showmanship
Lauren Wolter, Reserve Champion Purebred Heifer
Lauren Wolter, Champion Purebred Heifer
Caiden Litteken, Champion Crossbred Heifer
Evan Beal, Reserve Champion Crossbred Heifer
Nicholas Huelsmann, Rate of Gain Champion
Ethan Hanke, Champion
Colby Litteken, Reserve Champion

4-H Dairy Show

Drew Lueking (Holstein Winter Heifer Calf born 12/1-2/28), Reserve Champion
Shana Lueking (Holstein Summer Yearling Heifer born 6/1-8/31), Champion
Drew Lueking (Holstein Jr 3 Year Old), Champion Intermediate
Shana Lueking (Holstein Sr 3 Year Old), Reserve Champion Intermediate
Drew Lueking (Holstein 4 Year Old), Sr Champion Heifer
Jennifer Johnson (Holstein Aged Cow), Reserve Sr Champion Heifer
Drew Lueking (Holstein Jr 3 Year Old), Reserve Grand Champion
Drew Lueking (Holstein 4 Year Old), Grand Champion
Drew Lueking (Jr Showmanship)
Shana Lueking (Sr Showmanship)

4-H Goat Show

John Bohn (Dairy Doe Kid under 1 year), Reserve Champion
John Bohn (Dairy Doe 2yrs and over), Champion
Ashlyn Vonder Haar (Pygmy Doe Kid under 1 year), Champion
Emma Bohn (Intermediate Showmanship)
Ella Bohn (Jr Showmanship)
John Bohn (Wether or Nanny under a year), Champion
Emma Bohn (Wether or Nanny under a year), Reserve Champion

4-H Poultry Show

John Bohn (Cockerel Standards), Reserve Champion
Kaelyn Gebke (Hen Standards), Champion
Emma Bohn (Duck, one bird), Champion
Ella Bohn (Duck, one bird), Reserve Champion
Emma Bohn (Market Pens, Broiler-Fryer Market Pen), Reserve Champion
Emma Bohn (Market Pens, Roaster Market Pen), Champion
John Bohn (Sr Showmanship)
Kaelyn Gebke (Jr Showmanship)

4-H Rabbit Show

Nicholas Huelsmann (Intermediate Showmanship)
Bradley Huelsmann (Jr Showmanship)
Shelby Claypool (Sr Showmanship)
Shelby Claypool (4 Class, Fancy, Sr Doe over 6 months), Champion
Shelby Claypool (4 Class, Fancy, Sr Buck over 6 months), Reserve Champion
Abigail Becherer (6 Class, Meat Type, Jr Doe under 6 months), Champion
Alexis Livesay (6 Class, Meat Type, InterDoe 6-8mo at show), Reserve Champion
Abigail Becherer (Single Fryer), Champion
Carmen Foppe (Single Fryer), Reserve Champion
Alexis Livesay (Market and Pen of 3), Champion
Abigail Becherer (Market and Pen of 3), Reserve Champion
Abigail Becherer (6 Class, Meat Type, Jr Doe under 6 months), Grand Champion

4-H Sheep Show

Ella Bohn (Purebred Ewe Lambs), Reserve Champion
Emma Bohn (Purebred Yearling Ewe), Champion
Emma Bohn (Market Lamb), Champion
Ella Bohn (Market Lamb), Reserve Champion
Ella Bohn (Jr Showmanship)
Emma Bohn (Sr Showmanship)

4-H Swine Show

Erica Bohn (Market Gilt), Champion
Caiden Litteken (Market Gilt), Reserve Champion
Jake Richter (Market Barrows), Champion
Cecelia Richter (Market Barrows), Reserve Champion
Jake Richter (Intermediate Showmanship)
Caiden Litteken (Jr Showmanship)

Clinton County 4-H members are also involved in the State Fair in August, and took part in the State Junior Horse Show in July. Results from the State Shows will be available following the Illinois State Fair. The new 4-H year begins on September 1. For more information about 4-H in Clinton County, call the Clinton County Extension Office at 618-526-4551.

University of Illinois Extension provides equal opportunities in programs and employment. If you need a reasonable accommodation to participate in this program, contact the Extension office at (618) 526-4551.

SOURCEPhotos courtesy of Clinton County 4-H
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