Animal Control June Report

Bond County Animal Control Officer Jim Hess was busy in June, with a total of 86 animal complaints. 54 came from Greenville, three from the Village of Mulberry Grove, and 29 from rural areas of the county.

31 dogs were impounded; 10 from the county, 13 from Greenville, and eight from Mulberry Grove. 13 dogs were released to owners, 10 to the Bond County Humane Society, one to another no-kill shelter, and one dog was euthanized. Two dogs were adopted from the shelter.

20 cats were impounded; 14 from Greenville, 6 from the county. Three were released to owners, nine were released to the Bond County Humane Society, two were adopted from the shelter, and three cats were euthanized.

13 of the animal complaints concerned wild animals, including nine raccoons, one skunk, and two bats in Greenville, and one owl in the county.

Three animal bites were reported; 2 in Greenville and one in Pocahontas.

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