Animal Facility


It’s back to the drawing board for the Bond County Board and City of Greenville regarding a new animal control facility.

Three bids were received, ranging from $446,800 to $490,000. They have been rejected.

Greenville City Manager Dave Willey said the bids were more than the city felt they should spend on an animal control facility. He said, “These numbers really took our breath away.” He said officials will explore some other options.

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By law, the county is responsible for animal control. The city and county have an agreement in which they share some costs of the current animal facility, and the city pays for services from the animal control officer.

The plan is for the city and county to split the costs for a new facility, which has been designed to be 2,500 square feet.

If an alternative for a facility can be found, the city council and county board would each have to approve a bid, and then an intergovernmental agreement would be made outlining joint construction of the facility.

At the city council meeting, discussion involved the possibility of contracting with another county or entity for an animal control facility.

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