Bike Paths Discussion

The Greenville City Council once again talked during its July meeting about the possibility of bike paths.

Information was provided by city officials, outlining paths on streets inside the city limits and how to get paths to Patriot’s Park and the Kingsbury Park District’s nature preserve.

City Manager Dave Willey said the discussions are in their very early stages. He said the questions associated with the project are all “opinion” questions and don’t have any right or wrong answers. He said it is a starting point that can create some discussion.

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City Clerk Sue Ann Nelson said painting bike lines on streets would be the most economical way to have paths in the city. If that occurred, parking areas would have to be adjusted.

It was mentioned that the information provided to the city council had been provided to the park district’s director. Paths have also been discussed by the KPD board.

Creating actual bike paths would be a very expensive proposition and everyone agrees outside money would be needed for this to happen.

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