Bolen & Bonney Recognized

Darryl Bolen (left) & Doane Bonney

A special program was held last week at the Bond County Senior Center to honor Doane Bonney and Darryl Bolen, who have retired from the senior center’s board.

Bolen joined the board in 1989 and Bonney began his service in 2000.

Ron Schaufelberger, chairman of the board, praised Bolen for his love of all people.

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Schaufelberger described Bonney as very loyal.

He said he had a great business sense and put in many hours of service to the Senior Center.

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Replacing Bolen and Bonney on the board are Karen Kessinger and Sean Eifert.

(L to R) Sean Eifert, Doane Bonney, Darryl Bolen & Karen Kessinger

Other members of the senior center board are Schaufelberger, Jill Franks, Donnie Albert, Marie Siefken and Wes Pourchot.

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