Clinton County Junior Livestock Auction


Agriculture is at the heart of Clinton County, and so are our children. Showing livestock teaches Sportsmanship, Responsibility, Decision Making, Attention to Detail, Pride and a Sense of Accomplishment among other things. And what better way for our children to learn about these life skills than through the hands on experience of showing livestock. Kids who participate in livestock showing also learn the importance of ethics and proper animal care by participating in an ethics training. The next time you are at a show, study the kids instead of the animals, you’ll notice that in most classes there are several winners.

Every Junior Exhibitor takes full responsibility for their animals including, purchasing, feeding, watering, grooming, and managing their overall health. They also learn to prepare themselves and their animal for show and keep a daily record book on each animal. At the fair, animals are judged by professional livestock judges, and those that meet established market quality standards can be auctioned at the Junior Livestock Auction. Each junior exhibitor is allowed to sell one animal in the auction each year.

The Junior Livestock Auction is a culmination of many months of commitment and effort by the Junior Exhibitors. The Auction continues to encourage today’s youth to seek a future in agriculture, and to further their education. These kids use the money for future animal projects, college funds and savings accounts.

Everyone is encouraged to come to the auction 7:00PM, Friday July 21, at the Clinton County Fairgrounds and make a purchase to help our young people meet their goals and reward them for all of their hard work and commitment to becoming the leaders of tomorrow. The kids need and appreciate your support as a buyer this year more than ever.

The sale is made possible through the support of the sponsors and buyers, and through the work of the volunteers on the sale committee. All donations and contributions are tax deductible, and your help will be greatly appreciated by the exhibitors and community alike.

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