Greenville Water Plant


In April, the Greenville City Council received an engineer’s report on the status of the current water plant.

The plant is rated at three million gallons per day, and at the present time usage does not approach that. City officials are planning for the future.

Options presented included upgrading the plant and staying at three million gallons, upgrade to increase capacity to 5.2 million gallons per day, or building a new plant at 5.2 million gallons.

The council originally looked at upgrading the current plant and going to 5.2 million gallons.

At a recent council meeting, City Manager Dave Willey said that proposal would lead to much higher water rates of, “probably a seven or more percent rate increase per year compounded for several years…”, especially since the city would not qualify for grants.

Willey said the council has given the topic more thought and are now asking if this is a matter of, “need to have, or a want to have”. He said if it was a “want to have”, the council is looking at other alternatives that wouldn’t require water rates to increase so much.

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Willey said the council must seriously consider which plan to follow. He said the council will work through the potential increases and let everyone see the differences. He said with everyone in the community participating as water customers, it’s a big undertaking.

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One decision would be when to proceed with work at the plant.

The current water plant is about 50 years old.

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