Marine Veterans Memorial & Book


Efforts are underway to compile a Marine Area Veterans Memorial and book with a goal of completing both in 2018. The group requests names and information for all veterans who have served or currently serving in the military to be honored.

Those born in or who lived in the Marine area, which includes the Village of Marine and Marine Township, are eligible to be included in the memorial and book. If you have a deceased family member or friend who was born, lived, died or was buried in the Marine area, who served in the military, they can also be included. Marine area cemeteries include the Deck Cemetery, Giger Cemetery, Marine Cemetery, Mundis Cemetery, and St. Elizabeth Catholic Church Cemetery.

The book will include names, military information, military experiences, and family information. Photos may also be submitted. There are currently 725 veterans to be listed in the book, dating back to the Revolutionary War.

To be included, or for more information, call Shirley Daiber at 972-0725. Submissions are due by July 31.

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