Nall At IHA Meeting

Brian Nall, President and CEO of HSHS Holy Family Hospital, has accepted a new position at a hospital in Vermont.

Brian Nall, President and CEO of HSHS Holy Family Hospital, joined about 100 small and rural hospital leaders at the Illinois Hospital Association’s (IHA) Small & Rural Hospitals Annual Meeting on June 22-23 in Springfield. The meeting offered insight into building a culture of accountability to enhance patient safety, empowering board leadership, choosing a value-based payment model, partnering to address resistant hypertension in rural communities and engaging employees of all generations.

“Small and rural hospitals face unique challenges in health care that are different than those in large city settings,” said Nall. “Conferences such as these allow those in similar health care settings to gather together to share best practices and discuss opportunities for collaboration.”

The meeting was themed “Advancing Rural Health in Illinois.” Brian Nall not only attended the conference but also delivered an inspiring welcome address focused on hospital workers as superheroes, who—like their comic book counterparts—are beacons of hope in communities.

Expert presenters from Illinois and around the country addressed key health care topics at the conference with a focus on strategies for rural hospital and health system leaders, such as:

Best practices for engaging and empowering board leaders.

Value-based payment models to help rural hospital and health system leaders select the right option for their organization.

Generational diversity in today’s workforce, which spans four generations.

IHA’s Small & Rural Hospitals Constituency Section organized the annual meeting to bring together rural health care leaders to share ideas on how to better serve patients and communities. The 85 hospitals in this group have fewer than 150 acute care beds and/or are located outside a metropolitan statistical area. They provide essential health care services to residents in rural areas and serve as leaders in their communities. As significant economic engines, they create more than 76,000 jobs and have a total economic impact of $11.1 billion annually.

SOURCEPhoto courtesy of HSHS Holy Family Hospital
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