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Recently, the Illinois legislature overrode governor vetoes on two bills to provide a state budget.

Bond County Unit 2 Superintendent Wes Olson said that action did not address funding for schools.

He told WGEL, “The House and the Senate effectively overrode the governor’s veto of Senate Bill 6 and Senate Bill 9. Senate Bill 6 was the Appropriations Bill, basically how the money is going to be spent, and Senate Bill 9 was the revenue piece, which, of course, included the income tax increase.

“But as far as education is concerned, what those bills did, once enacted into law, basically said that school funding and how public schools are going to be funded in Illinois was going to change, and that, in effect, it would change to an evidence-based model. The current bill that would, in effect, provide that appropriation, provide that structure for funding schools, is Senate Bill 1. That’s been passed in the House and the Senate. It was passed in May. My understanding is that is not been sent to the governor’s desk yet but the governor has indicated, or I should say his representatives have indicated, that he’s going to veto that bill.”

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Senate Bill 1 is being supported by the majority of school districts, according to Olson.

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Superintendent Olson said the best way for the public to help is to reach out to senators and urge them to send the bill to the governor, and then reach out to the governor and urge him to sign it. He said any effort reaching out to lawmakers is never wasted time.

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Olson is e-mailing a letter to parents in the district regarding the state funding situation.

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