State Budget Passed


After more than two years…the state now has a full year budget…and an income tax increase.

The house joined the senate in overriding the governor’s veto of a 36 billion dollar spending plan and 32 percent tax hike. Republican Representative Reginald Philips of Charleston says it’s a tough vote.

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Critics say nothing will change if they don’t enact reforms and provide property tax relief. They urge negotiations on those issues to continue.

Supporters say the state must start climbing out of its daunting fiscal hole…but critics like Representative Tim Butler of Springfield argue they are failing Illinoisans by not passing significant reforms.

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The tax increase will be retroactive to July 1 of this year.

Further adding to the excitement in the state capitol Thursday, the building was shut down for a few hours before the critical budget vote.

Just minutes before the house was scheduled to begin session and take up a veto override of the budget and tax hike…police and firefighters pulled up to the capitol. Secretary of State Police Sergeant Mike Moore says they had received reports of a suspicious substance.

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The substance was found in multiple locations on the second floor of the capitol. No injuries were reported.

No one could get in or out of the capitol right before the house was scheduled to come into session. Springfield Fire Marshal Chris Richmond says Hazmat crews responded to reports of a powdery substance in the building.

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Richmond says the substance was deemed not harmful. Secretary of state police say a woman was taken into custody and that they are still investigating the incident.

SOURCEStory & soundbites courtesy of the Illinois Office of Communication and Information (IOCI) Radio
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