Turley Milk Business

The closing is complete for Rolling Lawns Farm to acquire the former ALCO building in Greenville, near the intersection of Idler Lane and Harris Avenue.

Michael Turley of Rolling Lawns Farm said the primary business will be a milk bottling plant. Fresh milk from the farm will be brought to town every day. Several types of milk and yogurt will be processed.

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Turley said the plan is for the business to be more than just a milk processing plant. The building has plenty of room to allow for some retail sales in the facility.

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Turley said the opening of the plant could be about four months away.

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In addition to receiving financing from Bradford National Bank, Rolling Lawns Farm has benefited from a revolving loan from the City of Greenville and a grant from the United States Department of Agriculture.

Michael Turley will be a guest on a future WGEL Public Affairs program.

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