Whispering Dog

Brian & Dudley Gertler

A Greenville University staff member received national attention recently for a trick he taught his dog.

Brian Gertler is a resident director, overseeing a few dorms at G.U. He and his wife have two dogs that live with them in one of the dorms. Dudley is the newer of the two dogs and he’s developed a unique skill…barking in a whisper.

Gertler told us that Dudley tended to bark a lot, which is a problem in a dorm setting since students are frequently studying or sleeping. He was looking for a way to incorporate positive reinforcement and quickly realized that when he plays with Dudley and the dog gets tired, he frequently “faked” a bark. That is to say, his mouth moved, but not much sound came out. Brian started rewarding Dudley when he did that and Dudley quickly caught on.

Click below to hear his comments:

Brian and Dudley were featured in newspapers and TV stations across the country this week. He told us heir story went viral when he submitted a video of Dudley’s whisper-bark to WGN TV in Chicago. He hoped it would be featured in their weekly pet segment and his parents would see it and be surprised. But WGN called Brian and asked if they could run a full feature piece. He agreed and once it aired, TV and radio stations as well as newspapers all over the world ran the story.

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Brian said the past several days have been very hectic with all of the attention, but he’s enjoyed the experience. He said he thinks Dudley has, too.

So, what does Dudley’s whisper bark sound like?

It was harder to capture than you might think, and this is a very amplified version…but it’ll give you the idea. Click below to hear it:

You can see a full video about Brian and Dudley if you search for “Dudley Whisper Bark” on YouTube.

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