City Non-Licensed Vehicle Discussion

At meetings the past two months, the Greenville City Council has discussed a possible ordinance to use non-licensed vehicles on city streets.

Mayor Alan Gaffner reported he received requests from a couple of citizens. At the August meeting, two councilmen said they had also been contacted.

Greenville City Manager Dave Willey reported that state law requires golf carts and other similar vehicles cannot be operated on state roadways that have a speed limit of 35 M.P.H. or more. These vehicles have no way to legally enter the city limits and must have seat belts. Willey points out, however, that they are not built like cars and don’t have safety features such as air bags.

Click below to hear his comments:

Former Greenville Police Chief John King said enforcing this kind of ordinance would be difficult.

Willey noted that currently use of these vehicles is not legal on Greenville streets for recreational use.

The topic will be on the agenda of the city council’s September 12 meeting.

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