Clinton County 4-H At State Fair

Danielle Brinkmann spoke on behalf of Illinois 4-H at the Governor’s Sale of Champions at the Illinois State Fair this year. Brinkmann was honored for her time on the Illinois 4-H Youth Leadership Team.

Forty-six Clinton County 4-H members attended the Illinois State Fair on August 13 to exhibit their 4-H general projects. They were selected as delegates in their project areas at the 4-H general projects show held in July.

Jacob Engleman received a Superior rating on the wagon project he made in Woodworking 2 this year.
Erica Bohn’s Superior rated Electricity 1 project on display at the Illinois State Fair

Much like at the county 4-H show, members participate in conference judging at the state 4-H show. They meet with a judge to discuss their project. Each exhibit is given a rating of either Award of Excellence, or Superior. Thirteen members from Clinton County received the Superior rating this year.

Erica Bohn, Electricity 1

John Bohn, Metal

Shelby Claypool, Photography 3

Allison Elias, Passport to the World-Individual

Jacob Engelman, Woodworking 2

Luke Hilmes, Junkdrawer Robotics 1

Melanie Hilmes, Child Development 1

Kierstan Lampe, Citizenship 1

Colby Litteken, Robotics 2

Shana Lueking, Veterinary Science

Blake Twenhafel, Corn

Hanna Voss, Heritage Arts

Emma Wesselmann, Fiber

In addition to 4-H members, two other local residents were also recognized at the Illinois State Fair on August 13. Diane Sinclair honored for 45 years of service as a 4-H leader in Clinton County. Sinclair is one of the leaders of the 4-H Buttercup, who meet in Carlyle. 4-H is a volunteer led, staff assisted educational program. Dedicated volunteers, like Sinclair, are vital to the long running success of 4-H.

4-H Buttercups leader, Diane Sinclair, was honored for 45 years of service to Clinton County 4-H on August 13 at the Illinois State Fair.

Also recognized was local 4-H alum Danielle Brinkmann. Brinkmann wrapped up her tenure with the 4-H Youth Leadership Team (YLT) this summer. The YLT plans and leads the Illinois 4-H Jr. Leadership Conference annually, meets with legislators on behalf of 4-H, and represents Illinois 4-H at state and national events throughout the year. Brinkmann has served as a team chairperson this year, and had the honor of speaking on behalf of 4-H at the Governor’s Sale of Champions at the Illinois State Fair.

The new 4-H year will begin soon. For information on how to get involved, call the Clinton County Extension Office at 618-526-4551.

University of Illinois Extension provides equal opportunities in programs and employment. If you need a reasonable accommodation to participate in this program, contact the Extension office at (618) 526-4551.

SOURCEPhotos courtesy of Clinton County 4-H
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