County Audit, Resolution & Contract

In their meeting this week, the Bond County Board heard a brief presentation from Scheffel Boyle Certified Public Accountants concerning the county’s audit. The firm gave the county a clean opinion.

The board approved a resolution authorizing a $60 fee to be imposed on the sale of delinquent property taxes to be used for payment of penalty and interest. These funds may be used to pay interest and costs by the county treasurer in the event of a court order declaring any sale of delinquent taxes to be “in error”. In a previous meeting, State’s Attorney Chris Bauer told the board these errors in sale have been occurring more frequently at a cost to the county.

The board met in executive session to discuss the Laborers 622 union contract, which covers employees in the offices of the circuit clerk, state’s attorney, treasurer, supervisor of assessments, and county clerk. The board postponed a vote on the contract until they can assess the fiscal impact the contract will have on the county.

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