New Unit Two Teachers

FRONT (L to R) Leah Suhre, Amanda O'Regan, Tricia Gray, Lyndsey Beckham SECOND ROW (L to R) Lauren Hahn, Mary Deterding, Kara Harris BACK ROW (L to R) Mitchell Lewis, Megan Fritzsche, Ryan D'Arcy, Megan McPeak, and Jack Langel

A new administrator and teachers were introduced at the August meeting of the Bond County Unit 2 school board.

Kara Harris is now the principal at Sorento School.

New high school teachers are Lyndsey Beckham in English, Ryan D’Arcy in Social Studies, Tricia Gray in Spanish, Megan McPeak in music, Mary Deterding and Mitchell Lewis in Special Education, and Jack Langel in industrial arts.

New at the Greenville Elementary School are Lauren Hahn, kindergarten teacher; Megan Fritzsche, fourth grade teacher; and Leah Suhre, Amanda O’Regan and Michelle Wayman as Special Education teachers.

Molly Boudouris is a Kindergarten Readiness Program teacher, assigned to the Mulberry Grove school.

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